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Solar (close coupled)/Gas Boosted (Continuous Flow)

Taking advantage of the thermosyphon system’s natural heating into the cylinder – gives a preheat storage capacity from the solar panels.

This water is drawn down via an insulated line to a gas-fired non-storage continuous flow heater, which minimises the gas energy required to heat the water.

The end result is a renewable hot water system preheating to a non-renewable system.

Solar (closed coupled)/Gas boosted (storage)

This system is an alternative to the continuous flow gas booster, with the added advantage of higher flow rates to multiple outlets.

The gas storage heater is now available with a 5 star rating and is more suitable for larger families with higher hot water requirements.

Power is generally not required for the gas unit.

Solar (split)/gas boosted (continuous flow)

Split solar systems are more easily adapted to architecturally designed buildings due to the low profile roof panels with the tank being remote.

This preheat solar water can be boosted by a non-storage continuous gas hot water unit, combining solar storage with high gas efficiency.

Solar (close coupled)/Gas boosted (storage)

Using the feature advantages of the remote solar panels with on-ground storage, coupled with a 5 star rated gas storage system - gives both versatility and large capacity recovery.

May also suit solar conversion on an existing modern gas heater, with the advantage of maintaining low profile roofing lines.