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Solar/electric element boosted -
close coupled, thermosyphon

Thermosyphon solar systems work on the natural principal that when water is heated it rises. The sun heats the water inside the solar panels and this heated water flows up into the storage tank where it is stored for use.

When hot water leaves the cylinder, cold water flows to the bottom of the collectors ready to be heated. A thermostatically controlled electric booster can be used if there is not adequate solar energy to heat the water.

Ideal orientation is north, or within a 45 degree arc east/west. Roof inclination should be between 12-45 degrees.

The capacity of your solar hot water system will depend on the no. of persons in the home and other variables. On average -
    1-2 people 180 litres
    2-5 people 300 litres
    5-8 people 440 litres

There are models available to suit frost and non-frost areas.

Solar/electric element boosted - split, forced circulation

Sometimes it is not possible to have a tank installed on your roof.

With a split solar system, the solar panels are installed on your roof and the tank is ground mounted with an auxiliary element for those times when there is inadequate sunlight or more hot water is required than normal.

Cold water is drawn from the bottom of the tank and circulated through the solar panels by a pump. A solar controller turns the pump ‘on ‘ when the water temp in the collectors is approx. 5 degrees C higher than the tank. It turns the pump ‘off’ when the temperatures are equal.

Solar (close coupled) / Heat Pump boosted

This system utilises the high performance qualities of close coupled solar without an internal booster. The hot water is drawn down through an insulated pipe to the cold water feed of the heat pump storage tank under flow conditions.

When the thermostat sensor recognises the required temperature, the heat pump will switch off. The heat pump is only required when there is insufficient temperature from the preheat solar unit.

This system is suitable for situations where inadequate power is available for normal boosting.

Solar (split) / Heat Pump boosted

This system utilises the remote solar panel system with the storage tank being for solar storage only. Water flows into the heat pump storage tank and the thermostat will determine whether there is a need for further boosting.

The heat pump can be operated for cloudy/rainy days or night loads, when the solar gain is not sufficient.