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Commercial Low Energy Hot Water Solutions

If you are a builder, developer, architect or designer you are probably aware that many local councils now mandate that commercial hot water systems be a minimum of 50% energy efficient – ie solar or heat pump..


For large residential and commercial type buildings, there are 2 options.

A solar hot water system incorporated into the building design can give free renewable hot water for storage in multiple tanks which can then be utilised during periods of high demand, reducing gas consumption. Such a system will increase the efficiency of the building.

Heat pump systems have the advantage of minimal plant space and only require atmospheric air temperature to provide reliable, year ‘round hot water. Unlike solar, air temperature is present under all weather conditions making it a more consistent form of renewable energy. Multiple storage tanks are used to accumulate this low energy gain for large hot water demand during the day or night.

Both solar and heat pump options can be coupled with high impact, minimal storage boosters for added efficiency and performance.

Gas boosting would be the most preferred option for 1 hr demands or high peaks. Electric boosting would be chosen only when gas was not available.

Special Note: For projects where power is limited, the heat pump system can be designed to supply total hot water requirements.